In this panorama you stand on the balcony inside the Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral in Paramaribo. The Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral, a Roman Catholic cathedral, was built in 1883 in 19th century neo-roman style. It’s the largest wooden building in the Caribbean and the largest and tallest wooden church in South America. The cathedral is prominently visible against the skyline of Paramaribo and can be seen all the way from the J. A. Wijdenbosch bridge.

The unique and truly magnificent interior of the cathedral is constructed out of unpainted Surinamese cedar wood and contains many richly carved ornaments on gates, doors and columns. Zoom in inside the panorama in order to see and enjoy all the details. The cathedral is open to the public during weekdays, so be sure to visit when you’re in Paramaribo.


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Technical Details

  • Resolution: 240MP
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  • Date taken: October 4th, 2011 at 8:37am
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