Welcome to suriname360! This website offers you high-resolution panoramic images and interactive virtual tours of places in Suriname. Through this website you can literally visit Suriname from the comfort of your own home. As nice as this virtual experience is though, it can't be a substitute for visiting Suriname yourself. We hope to welcome you in our wonderful country in the near future!

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Beauty & Home Systems Inc. Tour

View 1 at Beauty & Home Systems Inc.

This virtual tour takes you to the Kochstraat in Paramaribo in front of the Beauty & Home Systems Inc. main office. Beauty & Home Systems Inc. (BHS) is a sales-service and marketing company and the sole distributor of As Seen on TV products in Suriname. BHS is also the consultant of Avon products in Suriname. As …

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Don Dion has a wide selection of footwear from casual to fashionable for men and women!
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Leaders Group Conference Facilities.

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Tour of the Paramaribo Zoo

Paramaribo Zoo

This virtual tour will take you through the Paramaribo Zoo located at the Letitia Vriesdelaan (formerly Cultuurtuinlaan), not too far from the city. The Paramaribo Zoo was founded in 1966 by Prime Minister Pengel and was officially opened in 1972. There are approximately 88 different animal species to see at the zoo, most of …

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Embed a virtual tour of Suriname on your own website

Planet Paramaribo as seen from the Wyndham Garden Hotel

It is now possible to embed a select few number of virtual tours of places in Suriname on your own website completely free of charge. If you have a website about Suriname, or maybe just a page on your website where you have some information about Suriname, embedding a virtual …

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J. A. Wijdenbosch Bridge at Night

Night View from the J.A. Wijdenbosch Bridge

This is the view from the Jules Albert Wijdenbosch bridge at night. Hear the sound of strong winds as you stand 52 meters (171 ft.) high atop the bridge with a great view across the Suriname river. To the west you can see the city of Paramaribo and to the east …

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Leaders Group Conference Facilities

Leaders Group Conference Facilities

Welcome to the Leaders Group conference room. Leaders Group exploits the most modern and advanced conference facilities in Suriname. Making use of highly advanced conference technology and comfortable surroundings, Leaders Group guarantees professional and convenient completion of conferences and/or special occasions such as workshops, business presentations, receptions, teach-ins, business parties, weddings or birthdays. Skilled staff …

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Don Dion Shoe Store

Don Dion

Don Dion is a shoe store located at the Hermitage Mall in Paramaribo, Suriname. Don Dion has a wide selection of footwear from casual to fashionable for men and women featuring top brands such as Naturalizer, Life Stride, Dr. Scholl’s, Sӧfft, Softspots, Osgood Marley, Mark Fisher and more. Don Dion also sells customized orthopedic …

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