This virtual tour will take you through the Paramaribo Zoo located at the Letitia Vriesdelaan (formerly Cultuurtuinlaan), not too far from the city. The Paramaribo Zoo was founded in 1966 by Prime Minister Pengel and was officially opened in 1972. There are approximately 88 different animal species to see at the zoo, most of which are indigenous.

The zoo is currently undergoing a transformation to open habitats and has a very pleasant atmosphere – ideal for a fun and relaxing afternoon away with the family. Apart from getting a close-up view of the various animal species, children will especially enjoy the small “children’s farm” and the playground located in the middle of the zoo.

Remember that this virtual tour only gives you a small glimpse of the zoo and it’s attractions. Be sure to visit the zoo for the full experience.

The Paramaribo Zoo is open to the public every day between the hours of 9am and 6pm. Visitors must pay a small entrance fee.